Monday, December 16, 2013

Advent Calendar Gifts: Week 2.

This year me and Daniel have an advent calendar where one of us get a gift every day (I get a gift every other day and he gets a gift every other day). We're doing this instead of regular Christmas gifts this year and we're both really enjoying it. So I'm going to share what I got the second week in December (If you want to see what I got the first week in December follow this little link); 
1. I collect these brass candle holders from Skultuna. Skultuna makes these little candles holders in different styles and it looks really nice to have a few of them next to each other. I only had one of these before so I was really happy to get another one and start the collection going.  Daniel really knows what I like!
2. A small bottle of Moroccanoil. Apparently Daniel read on my blog that I really wanted to try this (he's a clever boy). I've used it a few times this week and I think it's awesome! This is probably the most extravagant gift so far, a YSL lipstick. Daniel went far above our budget with this one! But I was so happy when I opened it! I've always wanted to try a lipstick from YSL!
3. A practical and good gift, a luggage scale. I always wish I had a luggage scale when we go traveling because I'm always really worried about my luggage being too heavy. So this was a really nice and thoughtful present as well (Daniel have done such an amazing job with the gifts so far). 


  1. Aww he is doing such an amazing job! A YSL lipstick, you lucky lady <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. Really love your advent calendar idea, so great and much more fun! ^^ Really love everything Daniel got you, especially the YSL lipstick, plus the scale is such a great idea, so practical, have always wanted one! Great post dear! ♥

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  3. That's a clever idea! The advent calender idea that is :) - the candle holder looks so luxurious! and a YSL lipstick- lucky lucky :D

    Asmaa || JustPeachy