Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Natural Christmas Decorations.

We're having a little Christmas party/dinner at our house on Friday night so I've been pretty busy tonight with all kinds of preparations (like baking and cleaning the house). But I don't want to break my promise about blogging every other day until Christmas so I thought I would share a little part of my Christmas decorations with you. I try my best to decorate with things that go with our regular style of decorating and you know how much I like home decorations that are inspired by the nature. So, yes I'm pretty happy with this Christmas inspired display in our hallway;

I might not be the most Christmassy thing ever but I really like it and think it looks festive and nice. I love the big lantern that I bought this weekend (it's from Indiska if any one from Scandinavia would want to go and get it) and I think I'll keep it up all year around. 

I'll show you more of my Christmas decorations soon! And I hope that you're having an amazing week!


  1. Oh, this looks pretty. Simple & perfect festive touch

  2. I love simple pieces like this, very pretty! I hope your party goes well, I'm sure it will & you all have the best time <3

    Jennie xo |