Friday, April 25, 2014

Travel Planning.

It’s time start making travel plans for the summer! I told you in a previous post that Daniel and I are probably going on a road trip in Europe this summer. We’re not completely sure yet, but at least it's our plan. If you’ve read my blog for a while you probably know that I’m a person who likes planning and organizing. I’m the kind of person who lives and breathes lists. So travel planning is a big part of the traveling experience for me. I don’t like planning every minute of my trips but I like to be prepared and know my destination. But most of all the planning makes me feel inspired and excited about my trip! I'm not an expert on the subject and it's not exactly rocket science but I thought I would share how I do my travel planning.

The first step for me is to get inspired! There's so many different ways to do this. One of the my favorite things to do is to browse through some travel guide books. You can check out my post about my favorite travel guide books over at Blogger's BookshelfThen of course I do one of the most obvious things, I use my dear friend Google. I can spend hours reading treads on different travel forums and reading travel related columns (the resources on the world wide web are endless!). One of my favorite travel columns is the The New York Times 36 Hours. I've also found Pinterest to be a great source for travel inspiration. I just search for pins about my destination and when I find a pin I like go to the source of the image to get more information. I wouldn't know about Triglav National Park in Slovenia if it wasn't for Pinterest (I'm probably going there this summer)!

When I have a pretty good idea of where I want to go and what I want to do I start to do more detailed research. This is when Google maps comes in handy! I like to browse the area I'm traveling to on Google maps and when I see something interesting (it could be a park, a beach, a shopping centre, a town or anything like that), I research it. In this stage I also use sites like Yelp so I can read other people's opinions about different sights and attractions. By this time I have a pretty good picture about the place I'm going to and what I want to do and see. 

Do you have any recommendations of sites that you use for travel planning or inspiration? I would love to get good travel blog recommendations! 


  1. Aah I LOVE travel planning! Looking for accommodation is one of my favourite parts, haha. I love to Google maps a place until I know it well too. I like Wikitravel for practical information.

  2. A road trip in Europe sounds so fun! I also love the "36 Hours" columns/books... I wish I owned the complete collection of the books because they're so pretty!

  3. We are dorky and do the Rick Steve's guides and Lonely Planet guides (like you)! Our favorite trip together has bee our trip to Belize where we hopped over to Guatemala to climb Mayan pyramids. We also went spelunking to find Mayan ruins and stayed in a "fancy" jungle hut in the woods. SO adventurous! We ended the trip with a few nights on an island where we could sip cocktails by the water. Our perfect trip mixes adventure with down time. I think Lonely Planet is pretty awesome for options.

  4. I found an amazing travel blog a while back but I forgot about it! I'm gutted, it was basically this couple who had no money and travelled around the world. They would sometimes work for a day and get some cash in hand and had loads of ways to travel on a budget - it was great!

    Corinne x