Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hello May!

A few posts back I told you about my mixed feelings about the month of April. But my feelings for the month of May is another story. May is the first in a whole bunch of awesome months to come and I feel really excited! I've also found some energy and inspiration again (I told you a few posts back that I was feeling a bit tired and uninspired). For example, I've started reading again and I've done a few little changes to my blog. I feel excited about trying to make my blog better and only write post that reflects who I am and that I feel proud of. But enough about that, now I want to share what I've been up to today.

This spring and summer I'm going to do my best to explore the area I live in. Both Daniel and I have lived our whole lives in the suburbs southeast of Gothenburg but there's still so many places around here that we haven't seen or visited yet. So today we decided to pack our lunch and eat it in one of the nature reserves around here that we haven't been to before:

The first part of our walk was through a forest with ancient pine trees. After a 20 minute walk we came to this meadow where there used to be an old farm from the 1600 hundreds. There was only a ruin left of the house but the old fireplace was pretty much still intact. It was a really beautiful place to have our lunch consisting of salad and some garlic bread. This is definitely something we need to do more often!

I hope you're all having a nice weekend and I'll be back on Monday with a new post!


  1. This place sounds lovely. I need to explore nearby areas better too. Looking forward to seeing other places you discover!

  2. I love your pictures, a walk through the wilderness always makes for an amazing chilled out day :)

  3. Oh, I LOVE exploring new trails and finding places near our home. Our place in Orange County is near so many hiking trails and paths. I cannot wait! I may even go sooner than when we move just to check it out and get excited about living closer. The blog is looking great! I'm always making little changes on mine and find it SO fun...and frustrating sometimes but in the end super rewarding!