Monday, May 5, 2014

What I Ate Weekend.

There's something special about photographing your food, I don't know what it is but I guess food is such a big and enjoyable part of life. I've always photographed the different foods I've been eating when I've been traveling because let's be honest, food is a big part of the traveling experience. I also think that the foods we eat say a lot about us and our lifestyle. So I thought it would be fun and interesting to document what I eat on a regular weekend in my life. I kind of failed a bit with my mission because I forgot to photograph what I ate on Sunday, but oh well, here's what I ate on Friday night and on Saturday:

1. I had a pretty big lunch at work on Friday so I didn't feel like eating a proper dinner on Friday night so I only had olives, cheese and garlic bread.
2. I always have to get myself a special snack on Friday night. This week I got this milk chocolate with caramelized almonds, and yes it was as tasty as it sounds! 
3. For breakfast on Saturday I had cottage cheese with fruits, my favorite coconut yoghurt and tea. 
4. Daniel and I had our lunch outside on Saturday. I had a salad with pasta, tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese and avocado. 
5. This is one of my current food obsessions, the caramel macchiato ice coffee from Starbucks. 
6. On Saturday afternoon I had my first hot chocolate in ages. I like my hot chocolate with a lot of whipped cream!

Then I had sushi for dinner at Daniel's parents house but I forgot to bring my camera!

What do you think of these kind of posts? Are they fun and interesting or is it just weird that someone thinks it's interesting for other people to see what they've been eating? Tell me what you think! I can handle the truth! 


  1. i am so nosy about what people eat - i just find it fascinating and also gives me ideas - so i love these kinds of posts! i don't like whipped cream, but your picture actually makes me want to try it :) x

  2. Hahaha I love taking photos of what I eat... let's be honest, my food is usually the highlight of my day! I love Starbucks caramel macchiatos, I never knew there was on ice coffee version!

  3. Yes, food says it all! Someone I know on Instagram actually says things like, "Stop posting food photos, everyone," and I've considered unfollowing them! LOL. I LOVE photographing my food and seeing other people's food. That cup from Starbucks looks so small! It's probably the perfect size. Everything here is too big! I miss the portions in Japan. Oh give me that hot cocoa!!